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G'day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . week ending 9 May

Font equidaeThe fountain of the galloping horses.

You cannot really go anywhere in Lyon without ending up here. It is something from a distance, but it is a whole lot more close up....
The power that Bartholdi has put into this work is amazing. The horses are formed with such realism, and while I know that that is an old fashioned sentiment, it is a sight that moves you to wonder.
Fourviere dominationFourviere Basilica dominates the Lyon skyline and one is always catching glimpses of it rounding corners, or moving along a street or one of the rivers.
I think a little bit of stylism adds to its effect. What say you?
All those bridgesWith two rivers, Lyon has a fantastic number of bridges, most of which had to be rebuilt after the retreating Nazis destroyed them in 1944.
Sometimes the houses are improved with a little digital editing.
Leaves of stoneHow do they do that, make flinty stone into a dance of leaves?
Bookshop - or is it? Another canvas of a building that has not been let go to waste.

And how well filled.

Again, very difficult to photograph as one is up against the opposite building and this one, too, is done in three parts. You may be able to see that the eaves on the top of the building are at an odd angle in that you can see under them more than you should be able to.
Intercom In those apartment buildings with the big (locked) door, how do you let in your visitors without having to trapse down four flights of steps?

An intercom system, with a catch release. Buzz the apartment you want, identify yourself and, hopefully, they will release the catch to let you in.
Farm buildings Old farmers and old farm buildings. Small and quaint would be one way to describe them.
Field peasants One of the benefits of overcast weather, regular rain, despite the cold, is a thriving greenery that is just bursting out of the ground at this time of year.
Mustard rat Fields and fields of yellow, and tall with it.
Wandering out Wandering rustic paths through verdant fields and coppiced woods.

Isn't that what it is all about?
Poppy giggles The red poppies spring up occasionally along the roadsides. The redness is brilliant, almost painfull to look at, and cannot be captured by a camera, which always washes it out.
Another doorway Another ordinary doorway in Croix Rousse (Russet Cross), also part of the world heritage area of olde Lyon.
Smarty friesian These cute cars seem to pop up everywhere.
Coke worship At the roman theatre of the three Gauls, there appears to be a shrine to a more modern, and thorough, dictator - Coca-Cola.
Sunny sidestreet The sidestreets of olde Lyon just bust with buildings that speak of another era.

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Street market Croix Rousse The ubiquitous street market. Fruit and vegetables are not sold in bulk in this part of the world. As to whether the vendors are the people who produce them, that is another matter....

G'day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . week ending 16 May

Another place Just another square in Lyon, dominated by a fountain, the centrepiece of a huge roundabout, and surrounded by buildings of an elegance and structure that is inspiring.
Mural Canuts The Canuts Mural. This building is very deceptive. Firstly, it looks like several buildings, and a stairway, and people climbing the stairs carrying things. But it is a trick. It is the (big, admittedly) blank wall of a building embellished with paint (paints of different colours, admittedly).
Windy wave The Frecko clan overlooking the Saone River and the olde part of Lyon. As you can see, we are looking well, except maybe for the church steeple growing out of MF's head. This steeple is identical to that on Saint Paul's church in olde Lyon.
Another olde street Another perfectly old street with stone paving and a central stone drain, and curving ever so slightly as these streets are wont to do.
Another mural! This hotel has balconies with lots of people out taking the air. Well, it would be if it was not another blank wall covered with coloured pigments.
Sharp descent ahead So, you think you have a steep street near where you live? Consider this zag-zag required to descend in the Croix Rousse area. Be like us and catch the subway to the top and descend the street rather than attempt the opposite!
Poly paddock I often wondered where black polystyrene sheets came from. Now I know. From a field in France. They look like they are about ready to harvest.
Post it here Number 25.
Smarty parking It seems like people buy this small cars so they can park them sideways at all times.

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Street view of Fourviere By accident or design, many of the strets in Lyon point to the Basilica Fourviere. Thus you will walk along a street, check out the sidestreet and find two rows of renaissance architecture converging on this stately piece of Christian marble.
Perouge beauty The small French village of Perouges was mostly built during the 15th century. Situated on a hill, the outer walls afforded a sort of fortress type protection. All of the village remains in its original condition or has been restored to same. Get there early in the morning (anytime before 10 am) before the crowds arrive.
Wooden beauty Perouges house. It is a credit to the town that nothing of the 20th century is at all visible. No wire. No antenna.
Stone beauty Perouges house, with somewhat of a mystical character.
Olde beauty Perouges house. While of considerable character from the outside, it makes one wonder what it would be like on the inside. How dark, how damp, how cool?
Window beauty Perouges window with robin.

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Hole in the wall The Frecko clan at the site of the 'Old Chateau.' What remains is the surrounding wall made of local stones, now with several holes in it, falling down in places and nearly totally covered in ivy. I wonder if removing the ivy would retard its degradation?
The grass is green This picture was taken near Genas in France. It is here for the people of the Southern Slopes of NSW in Australia, especially the farmers, who are currently suffering a very severe drought.

This colour will come back one day.

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