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Perrier sipperThe water they drink in France is not bad. I will see if Al's dad can get it piped to the water trough back in the home paddock! The others should like it too, hic!
Stick dreamThe bread too is tasty. They bake it in long sticks called baguettes or flutes and it has a crunchy crust that is tough to chew. This, I think, is the secret to French bread. I have had stick bread before but it doesn't have the same appeal.
Cake mateFrench pastries and cakes....

Don't get me started!
Great view - slow it downWe travelled from Lyon to Paris by train. It took exactly two hours. The remarkable thing being that it is 470 kilometres!

We must have travelled about ten minutes at each end at about 60 km/hr. So, if we travelled at 60 km/hr for 20 minutes, that is a distance of 20 km. That means we travelled 450 km in one hour and 40 minutes. So what speed did the train average for the remainder of the journey?

The first correct answer emailed to me will receive a special mention. Here is a picture from the window to give you a clue!
The pointy endsParis. And the first stop is the Louvre, which does have some glass but it is in a pyramid, not in panes one over the other. This is me at the pointy end. Luckily no-one dropped it!

The Louvre is a museum. It is very very big. It has lots of paintings, sculptures, bits of mummies from Egypt, and all sorts of odds and ends from the ends of the earth. It is so big, it is not possible to see all of it in one day, so you choose the bit you want and go and see it.

One of the paintings had a big crowd around it, but when I struggled through them it was only a smallish painting of a woman who was smiling, or was she? She was called 'The Mona Lisa'. Not nearly as impressive as 'The Raft of the Medusa' which was 8 metres by 5 metres big, and showed a crowd of people on a raft at sea waiting to be rescued - it had the air of adventure about it.
Not so bigIn Paris they have this TV antenna thing which a lot of people come to look at. It doesn't look so big to me!

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Name in lightsUp at this memorial thing inside this enormous roundabout with a steady stream of cars and invective going in circles about it, was this arch thing. They had the usual carvings, engravings and monuments to war.

Typical, I get another mention.

Oh yeah, the Arc of Trumps they call it - I think.
Hoof paintingNow you have probably heard of finger painting, yes? Well, I had a crack at hoof painting while I was up in the Montemartre area. And I do not mean painting my toes, I mean painting with them. Do you like my pictures? Can you see me?

Of course, you have probably caught me out - I didn't really paint that cat next to the ostrich head. But the Eiffel Tower and the Arc of Trumps on the other hand....
Don't step on me!Don't step on me!

Boy! Went down to this old church to see Quasimoto and the French, being right up there with modern art, I suppose, don't have the usual marble or bronze soldier on his horse or with his gun. No they have to put up this display of realism, with real men with real guns on the square. And walking about what's more - very dangerous for a small chap like myself. And in threes, like one wasn't enough.

Didn't really go much on the colour coordination, but then camoflage was never really my thing.
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