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Little Henry in England

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Those British lions!They said that Trafalgar Square was the place to go. Everyone goes to Trafalgar Square.

What they don't tell you about is the lions. One each on the four corners of the column of Nelson. It is alright for him, he is 49 metres above the lions!
Trusty rescuerLuckily, I always travel with my trusty rescuer.

And, luckily, she is not daunted by the size of any lion.
WhitehallTrafalgar Square is connected to Parliament by Whitehall, and though I looked and looked, I couldn't see any hall that was white. A lot of men on horses with silly red coats and silly silver helmets with plumes, but no white hall. A lot of the bill blocking off a street called Downing, but no white hall. A big sandstone building with a tall tower with a clock on top, but no white hall.

Oh well, maybe it fell down.
To Crouch EndOnwards to camp in London at a lovely suburb in the north - Crouch End.

As it is near Shepherds Hill, it can't be all bad....
Wait a minute! What is all this green stuff?

I have never seen anything like this back home in Australia. It is like tall green spaghetti. Hmmmm, I wonder what it tastes like?

Hey, that's not bad.... I'll have to have a word to Al to see if she can get her dad to take some home with us.
Sheep stealingWell, it seems that England may not be safe after all!

We went to this place called the Science Museum and they had this warning sign up. (If you click on it, you may get a sign big enough to read.)

And keep your eyes open for those sneeky sheep thieves.
Cattle troughThe English at least know how to look after animals. At Hyde Park in London they have a water trough for drinking.

We are prepared to overlook the fact that it was installed by the Cattle Trough Association.
Look out! Dragon.Be carefull in Hyde Park. They have a dragon there too. Where is Saint George when you need him?

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Percy CircusI waited. And I waited. A long time, in fact.

But no circus came by. It was just a sort of roundabout with some garden and seats in the middle. The only clown, I think, was me.
Petrified!The Museum of Natural History in London has some marvellous old things in it. One of the exhibits that impressed me a lot is this piece of tree - or is that a piece of rock?

In fact, it used to be a tree, many of thousands of years ago, but it was covered over by soil and gradually all the wood was replaced by minerals that later formed rock. So now it has the shape of a tree, but is solid stone!
First class, of courseSome of you have asked how it is I travel around.

First class, of course!
Is that footrot?So, England is civilised! Not just sheep, but the same family as me - Suffolk!

Hey, it is alright, you do not have to bow down to me. (I know I have been to some famous places, but that doesn't make me famous, does it?)

Please get up! There is no genuflecting required where I come from - even though I am from Australia.

Ooooops! That is a bad case of footrot you have, auntie.
Where am I?There is so much of this tall, green, strange stuff, I can't see where I am going (we don't have this in Australia). I wonder where I am? If only I could see some landmark that would help me. Something large and old and preferably made from stone that has been directing lost souls since time (nearly) immemorial.

Oh well, best keep going this way I suppose.
Am I allowed up here?Hey, I found these groovy rocks. There doesn't seem to be anyone about. I wonder if it is alright to climb up here?

There is something superstitious about this place. Maybe if the sun was shining it would help?

Today is only the 14th June. Maybe I should come back in another week. Then maybe it will all be clear.
Whumping willowIn a little known English field, not so far away from the place of the prehistoric rocks, is this willow tree with a very bad temper. I was grabbed by the trunk and squeezed and squeezed.

It just wouldn't let go. I tried yelling all sorts of things, like "unhand me you brute" and "I'll make you into toothpicks or useless English cricket bats ", but nothing worked. Not until I said "expelliarmus", then it dropped me. Whew!

Later I heard it is called the 'Whomping Willow'. It ought to be called the cranky whomping willow.
In an English gardenNothing like an English country garden for relaxing.... That lovely lawn, those pretty flowers with pleasant perfume, the stylish layout of the shrubs and bushes and trees.

And a lovely little ironwork bench to rest my weary bones, in the lovely Spring sunshine. Perfect.
Whose eyeing you off?Who said anything about perfect? What is that bird doing? Is that a bald eagle?

Why is every fibre in my being - or at least in my fleece - screaming out "DON'T MOVE"?

Heck, I wouldn't dream of it....
JesterI came across this joker who said he was a jester, but after some jesting, he did some juggling - with a brush, a spoon and a ball - so that makes him a juggler too. So would that make him a jesting, juggling joker? Or a juggling, jesting joker? Or a joking, juggling jester? Or a juggling, joking jester? Or a joking, jesting juggler? Or even a jesting, joking juggler?

Whatever, he didn't have a sense of humour. I told a joke of my own - What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo? A: a woolly jumper! Everyone laughed at this, except him, and he sent me off to get some stocks.
In the stocksWell, I thought he said to get some stocks! But the two burly assistants dressed in a very strange manner with chain mail and hatchets hanging from their belts took me to the stocks!

But the laugh's on them, because I don't have any hands, and it was too big for my neck. Whew!
Croquet expertA change of pace in Suffolk. Suffolk? Now that rings a bell. Oh, yeah. My name is Suffolk. Little Henry Suffolk. This must be where my family comes from!

Let's see what I can find.... Croquet! Haven't seen this one in Australia.

It is like a cross between golf and lawn bowls. There is this big wooden mallet, big round wooden balls and little hoops to punt the ball through in a specific order. But watch out when someone tries to hit your ball with theirs! They then have the next shot, which can put your ball anywhere on the field.
Raspberry hunterJune in England.

That must be hunting season!

Hunting for raspberries that is. Watch out for the prickles though....
The whole cropLook at what a half hour foraging can do! Lovely fresh raspberries.

Now. Ice cream? Cream? Yoghurt?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Four poster livingThen to retire to a four poster bed in a tudor barn.

Just excuse me while I close the curtains....

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Kneel on meIn Suffolk, there is a little village with a lovely church. It is called Lavenham - the village, not the church.

And in this church, the famous Suffolks of Suffolk have been honoured and remembered. There, on the pew is an embroidered cushion with a picture that could be me and my brother, if I had one. I wonder if it could be me and my sister, if I had one?

Towering BridgeBack through London to see the Tower Bridge. Man, is it big. (Or should that be 'Sheep, is it big'?)

It was built to make it easier to cross the river (of course), but some big ships still had to get upriver, so they made it so that the roadway opens to allow tall ships through! Clever eh? And even when the roadway is up, you can still walk across the walkway at the top.

Spanner worksWhat! Throw a spanner in the works?!


DooleyA game of marbles sounds like a great idea. Bags the taw.

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That's not cricketThey reckon that England is the home of cricket - that it is civilised!

Well, I've been waiting here for hours to field the ball....

'Oi! Over here mate!'

Maybe I should be at silly short leg, instead of silly short point?

'Oi, over here you silly English knnnniggetts!'

Friendly dogIn Germany, when it wasn't raining, exploration was the activity. I found this friendly dog. He said he was a shepherd! Well, that's fine by me. A German Shepherd.

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TinkerbellThe cows over here don't seem to need a lot of grass. This one is just grazing bricks. Still, she seems content.

This is the central part of Siegen in Germany.

Forest creatureThe forests in Germany are mostly dense. This picture shows where part of it has been cut away, but the background shows hills covered in trees. An easy place for a little chap to get lost.

It wasn't me!Now, I may be Australian, but it doesn't matter what they say - it wasn't me!

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